Marjanović hopes to win the title in front of his fans: ‘They are impatiently waiting for this match’

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Saidi vs Marjanovic

After six matches in the ring of the Croatian promotion, on December 17 Denis Marjanović will get the opportunity to put on the belt around his waist, as he planned from 2014 when he made his FFC debut in Zadar, Croatia. His new challenge and obstacle will be Austria’s Rene Wimmer who introduced himself to the FFC audience this September in Linz with a spectacular KO over Cheick Sidibe.

Marjanović has 42 professional wins under his belt and he has been training kickboxing for sixteen years now. He claims that in the beginning he did not plan to compete but then he felt inspired by his movie heroes.

“A little bit inspired by the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme and other martial arts heroes I developed this desire to compete and I started to fight in amateur fights. But very early I started to fight professionally as well. I also trained Taekwondo, but when I felt kickboxing, I knew that was it.”

On title match

“I set my eyes on the belt ever since I started to fight in the FFC. In the beginning one of my potential opponents was Igor Emkić, but since he could not make it, I got another opponent and he is from Austria.“

On Wimmer

“I don’t know in which area he could pose a threat for me if I enter this match healthy, in good shape and with no injuries. I think I’m more complete and more experienced fighter and that I would therefore find a solution to it. I believe I will be better and better in the future and also for Wimmer I will prepare something from your collection of kicks.”

Wimmer debuted in the FFC with a spectacular KO. What did you learn from his match with Cheick Sidibe?

“Honestly, I did not get to see that match yet but I know Sidibe is a very good fighter. Wimmer managed to make a turnover and to knock him out and that tells me he is a hard hitter”


“I believe I will win the FFC and I also think that this will be an attractive match since we have similar fighting style. I hope the audience will enjoy.”

Now you’re fighting at FFC’s biggest event but you also fought at FFC in the US. What’s your secret in being on such good terms with them?

“There is no secret. I think it’s all about both sides being professional. I think I will be a long-term cooperation.”

Are you especially pleased that this will be inaugural FFC middleweight title fight?

“I’m definitely flattered to get a chance to fight for the FFC middleweight title. I hope I will win the belt and I want to defend it successfully too.“

Banja Luka is not far away from Zagreb, do you expect a lot of supporters at the Arena?

“Well, yes. Banja Luka is only hour and a half ride from Zagreb so I definitely expect a lot of supporters from my hometown who are already impatiently waiting for the new FFC and my title bout.“

Besides winning the belt, Denis also hopes that he will justify his nickname to the audience at the Zagreb Arena.

“They call me ‘Lumberjack’ because of my strong kicks which I often use to bring my opponents down. Sometimes with low kicks, sometimes with high kicks. I haven’t yet shown why I got this nickname in the FFC, but I surely hope I will this time.”