Mihaljević scores victory in Russia! (VIDEO)

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 26.01.2015 11:07h Author:

Igor Mihaljević

After six consecutive defeats, the Croatian heavyweight kickboxer Igor Mihaljević last weekend finally came to victory.

In the Russian city of Kazan Mihaljević defeated Saša Polugić from Serbia at Tatneft Cup. After three draw rounds Mihaljević won the fourth round via unanimous decision.

Mihaljević scored his last victory in May 2013 at FFC 5 when he defeated Uroš Veličević also via unanimous decision. After that he lost to Veličević in a rematch and started to lose match after match by Ayaydin, Hron, Kalenda, Mehić and Šljivar.

The Croatian fighter has his next match scheduled in March in Paris when he is to fight Freddy Kemayo.