Mirko: I didn’t understand Fujita, but I couldn’t allow him to spoil my victory!

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Mirko Filipović & Kazuyuki Fujita

In an interview for Večernji List daily, Mirko Filipović made a short comment on his match against Ishii and explained what happened afterwards. He says he pushed Fujita, because he stood in his face and thus spoilt the celebration of his victory.

Mirko Filipović not a fighter who responds aggressively to anything outside the ring. But that was not the case on Wednesday, when he pushed Kazuyuki Fujita away and caused a little brawl in the ring. In an interview with Večernji List, he explained how it happened:

"Fujita came up to me saying something in Japanese and I did not understand anything. I pushed him away because I thought he wanted to spoil the celebration."

Cro Cop then withdrew, while Mirko's and Fujita's team continued to brawl. Moreover, the Croatian fighter called his legendary opponent and one of the greatest fighters of all times for help.

"I came to Fedor Emelianenko and asked him to back me up, but he said we shall not fight there. And he was right. If someone hit somebody in the ring he would be arrested because he would make a criminal offense. Fujita did that for show and attention. We fought twice and I defeated him both times. I don't see the point in us fighting for the third time, but it would be easy money.”

Mirko hinted he is now to negotiate with a big organization and it seems it might be Bellator whose President Scott Coker attended the event in Japan. However, Cro Cop will definitely defend his IGF belt again since he said he will not sign an exclusive agreement with any Japanese organization.