Nandor Guelmino: I’m sorry about the FFC, I will have to undergo a surgery and a long recovery is ahead of me

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After the cancellation of his match at FFC 16 in Vienna with Maro Perak, Nandor Guelmino spoke to the media.

In his statement for Fight Site he expressed his regret he would not be able to fight in the match that was supposed to be the crown of his career. After fighting in Strikeforce and in the UFC, this Austrian of Hungarian descent wanted to fight in front of his hometown audience against one of the Europe's best heavyweights. However, it did not turn out as he wished and an old knee injury stood on his way to the FFC 16 ring.

“I am very sad I will not be able to fight at FFC 16. Recently I said it will be the biggest fighting spectacle Austria had ever seen. However, I had to make this decision and quit the match in the end“, said Guelmino and added:

“After all the exams, the specialist told me meniscuses in both of my knees are in very bad shape as well as ligaments on both legs. I will also have to undergo a surgery and then I have to go through rehabilitation and longer period of recovery. As things are now, I will undergo a surgery in January and right now I cannot say when I'm coming back to the ring.”

Guelmino also explained how it came to the injury.

“I've been having problems with my knee for a longer period of time, but I injured it again while grappling. My knee remained in awkward position and twisted. It was painful, we tried to fix it so I could fight, but in the end it made no sense“, concluded Guelmino.