Oleinik: After beating Cro Cop I can finally get back to my alcohol – soft drinks!

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Cro Cop VS Oleinik

Mirko Filipovic was defeated in the main event of Legend 2 held in Moscow last evening. Only twenty seconds before the end of the first round, the master of submissions, Russia's Alexey Oleinik, forced Cro Cop to tap with a neck crank from a side-mount position. 

While Filipovic managed to endure Oleinik's lock for a while, he ultimately had to concede the eleventh loss of his career. This was win number 48 for the Russian "Boa Constrictor", ninth in a row and an impressive 39th submission. However, the triumph over Filipovic is the biggest win of his entire career. 

After the fight, a visibly cheerful and very pleased Oleinik gave an honest answer:

"I couldn't fight using my usual methods because there simply wasn't enough time for training a game plan and employing it in this fight. I had to base my game actually on illogical and unusual things and moves that professional MMA fighters might not do in the ring. Thank God that everything turned out right in the end," Oleinik explained, referring to his neck crank lock, which is truly a rare feat to achieve from a side mount. 

The Russian was aware that Filipovic didn't expect any dangerous strikes from him, and he added that he could finally get back to his passion – soft drinks. 

"I knew that Filipovic wouldn't worry too much about my strikes. I'm glad that I can now finally drink sodas again. I stopped using them for three or four weeks and I only drank carbonated water. Soft drinks are my alcohol," the "Boa Constrictor" cheerfully concluded.