Outrageous scandal: K-1 never paid Cro Cop, Londt and Poturak!

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Photo by Fight Channel

Famous kickboxing promotion K-1 that is still synonymous with the whole sports announced two big events in Southeastern Europe. K-1 WGP Euro will be held 23 October in Belgrade, Serbia, while other event will take place December 3 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

The aforementioned events were announced through various media and through official K-1 channels like their Facebook site. And that is great news for two reasons… First of all, it is a proof that Southeastern Europe still has big fighting sports scene, and second of all, it shows that K-1 has ambitions to come back to Europe that is now ruled by Glory, FFC and Superkombat.

However, there is a dark side to this story not so known to the public that will probably shock the fans and fighting sports lovers. K-1 never paid the fighters after the big Final World Grand Prix event that took place in 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. Fight Site found out that, except for some minor fighter purses of the fighters who fought in super matches or quarter-finals, most of the athletes never got paid! The event took place more than three years ago and the K-1 owner Mike Kim promoted K-1 Finals offering the tournament winner one million dollars. The big number were to prove that K-1 rose to its old fame and then the tournament winner Mirko Cro Cop Filipović, finalist Ismael Londt and semi-finalists Dževad Poturak and Pavel Zhuravlev never got their salaries.

Fight Site also found out that the K-1 owners and leaders promised fighters money for months and then years, gave false promises to their coaches and managers and then never contacted them again. They never answered back when it comes to the purses they never paid. And this is something that never happened in the fighting sports, especially when it comes to big events and names like Mirko Cro Cop.

Moreover, K-1 decided to come to Southeastern Europe again to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – to homelands of the fighters they never paid.

Fight Channel was the first company to react to this outrageous act. Fight Channel has its own fighting sports promotion FFC that was the first one to warn their fighters that K-1 is not to be trusted until they pay the fighters who fought at their event.

Dževad Poturak also reacted this Wednesday on his Facebook profile and published the official poster of the upcoming K-1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Poturak called K-1 to pay the fighters what they owe them and called out all his fellow fighters to boycott this event.

“This is nice. But I would like to ask K-1 to get serious and pay the fighters they did not pay at K-1 WGP in Zagreb. It’s shameful we’ve been deceived that way. Mirko Filipović, Ismael Londt, Pavel Zhuravlev and me. We fought honorably and we deserved our salaries. I would like to call out all my fellow fighters to join us and support us, because they will deceive you as well. BOYCOTT UNTIL THEY PAY US. SAMURAI WARRIORS DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN IN BELGRADE AND TUZLA UNTIL THEY GIVE WHAT THEY OWE US. WE ARE ONE,“ wrote legendary KO artist from Sarajevo.

Since it was hard to get to the K-1 leaders, Fight Site could not publish their reaction while they still taint the name of once legendary Japanese K-1. It is still not known whether K-1 plans to pay the fighters they owe the money to…