PAUL DALEY: Rocky this ain’t a film!

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Daley VS Fabjan (foto: I. Kaurloto/FC)

Last December the former UFC fighter Paul Daley signed with Croatian combat sports promotion FFC that is growing bigger and bigger in the region. This Friday he is to fight in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at FFC12 spectacle with the biggest Slovenian KB fighter, Miran Fabjan, also known as „The Slovenian Rocky“.

The two fighters engaged into some serious thrash talk yesterday at the official press conference.
„Of course, I watch footage of all my opponents and I was kind of familiar with Miran because he fought one of the guys I fought earlier this year… Alexander Stetsurenko, something like that. Tough Russian guy. Doesn't matter what his name was 'cuz je got knocked out in thirty seconds“, said Daley.

„They call him (Miran Fabjan) the Slovenian Rocky. Rocky is a movie. This is reality. Friday you gonna see what will happen. Friday is reality! No film! No Adrian! Rocky, this ain't a film! This is reality and you will find that out! Trust me. Slovenian Rocky in not a good name to have. Rocky always get f*** up.“, Paul Said.

Miran replied: „He said he doesn't mind taking punches, but I saw the video. He's a really good fighter in attacking mode, but when you get punched in the face, you don't like it! I saw it! When you hit me, I do not care!“
Paul added: „He (Miran) could not beat any of the guys I spar with! You're not even better than my sparring partners! You're not even better than my students! How about that?! You're no better than my students! You're gonna look like an amateur Friday!“

The heated atmosphere continued today at the official weigh-ins when Paul Daley and Miran Fabjan rammed their heads and Paul refused to shake hands. After all this drama, we can only conclude that there is a great match ahead of us this Friday.


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