Poturak: Jurković has one flaw I’ll show him in the ring

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Dževad Poturak

Dževad Poturak is definitely one of the best known names on the regional kickboxing scene, and his age and experience earned against some of the best fighters of all time make him a very unpleasant opponent for anyone. At FFC 6 in Poreč this Friday, he'll stand opposite of Igor Jurković and it looks like we're in for a great matchup.

How did your preparations go and who'd you train with?

"My preparations were very hard, so I'll be extremely ready for the fight in Poreč. I have a pretty strong training team. In addition to the irreplaceable duo Kapo and Dženan, I have Mehić, Pucić and Ćutuk."

This is your first fight after the K-1 WGP Final. Have you fully recovered from all the injuries you received during your two fights in Zagreb?

"Someone said that my ribs cracked during the fight in Zagreb, but that's got nothing to do with the truth. I only received an joint injury against Londt, but now I'm fully prepared."

Where do you see some weak points of your opponent Igor Jurković?

"Jurković is a good fighter, a real young lion. There are very few faults with his technique, but he has one flaw I'll show him in the ring."

This is your first appearance in the FFC, but the organization has already announced its event in Sarajevo for September, and you're supposed to fight there again. It seems there's a lot of interest already for that event?

"The interest is extremely high, and when we announce who I'll fight against, then the interest will be even bigger. I expect the stands to be crowded for the occasion."

If you get the chance to fight for the FFC title next year, who'd you like to see in that fight as your opponent?

"Opponent's name doesn't matter to me, as long as he's tough and good. I've never picked my opponents, it's always me who's picked. Even Orsat Zovko can tell you I can't say no to an opponent, no matter who it is," Poturak told Fight Site.