Poturak promises he will not stop until he gets his salary from K-1

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Dževad Poturak

Despite numerous public statements and K-1 WGP Zagreb semifinalist who finally raised their voices, K-1 still has not issued their version and statement on huge debt they left behind. In only some ten days, the same promotion will hold an event in Belgrade, Serbia, ignoring the fighters who seek their salaries from 2013. K-1 plans to hold one more event in Bosnia and Herzegovina this December.

K-1 WGP Finals took place in March 2013 featuring some of the best fighters at the time like Mirko Filipović and Badr Hari. The winner was first to win one million dollars and later it was reduced to $800.000, but the money was never paid in, just like other fighter salaries. This happened three and a half years ago and the fighters tried to get their money thought their managers and lawyers but the payment was always prolonged. At certain point, Mike Kim, promotion’s owner and president, decided to ignore Mirko Filipović, Ismael Londt, Pavel Zhuravlev and Dževad Poturak.

“Mirko Filipović was the winner of World Grand Prix that took place in 2013 in Zagreb and he was to get the prize of $800.000. Ismael Londt lost in the semifinals and he was to get $100.000, while $50.000 was to go to Pavel Zhuravlev and me each. After the event Mike Kim and other K-1 officials told us we will get money within seven days, in worst case, in one month. That never happened,“ said Dževad Poturak in one of his last interviews regarding the K-1 scandal.

Dževad Poturak is openly disappointed by the way K-1 treated him, but he is also disappointed with his colleagues who did not show any sympathy and who will fight at K-1 nevertheless, regardless of the fact that this promotion deceived their fellow countryman and colleagues.

“What K-1 did is rude and uncivilized. Another very disappointing thing is the fact that other fighters from this region are not interested in that at all and they decided to fight at K-1, which is ultimate disrespect for their colleagues,“ added Poturak.

A couple of statements in the media and K-1 owner Mike Kim decided to contact the semifinalists he owes the money to, said Dževad. He also asked him to stop talking about it in the media.

“We will stop when we get our salaries. We all respect K-1, but that respect has to be mutual,” concluded Bosnian kickboxing legend.