Poturak: The Poreč crowd deserved these fights and a show like this!

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FFC 06 Poreč - press conference (I.Kaurloto/Fight Channel)

Last Friday, Poreč lived and breathed with the FFC! After an excellent event and ten fights which treated martial arts fans to a wide array of amazing strikes and knockouts, everything was concluded with a press conference.

"The hometown crowd is an additional motivation. This is like a dream come true. I was nervous before the fight, but not because of the fight, but because of the desire not to let down the crowd," said Igor Jurković, adding that there was no place he'd rather fight for the FFC belt than in Poreč.

"Thanks everyone, and also thanks to Igor Jurković for this great fight. This fight would've surely ended earlier if it was some other fighter than me in the ring with Igor. Igor came prepared and sold me every trick he knew. On the other hand, we'd also prepared well, but there was no end result. We gave a fight like the elite of this sport can give. I wasn't brilliant, and many will find faults with me, but I can only tell you I gave 150 percent!" Dževad Poturak said after the fight.

"I'm delighted with Dževad's showing. We're preparing an event in Sarajevo, with Dževad in the main fight. We've offered three opponents to Dževad for this fight, and he wanted the toughest opponent," FFC's main producer Orsat Zovko added.

"This crowd deserved a show. We are warriors, but we're also athletes, and the crowd deserves entertainment. I always like to spice it up and put it as an icing on the cake," Poturak said.

"I've switched coaches and this was a great fight. This is my new beginning and you'll see many more fights like this in the future from me," Hesdy Gerges announced. "Pavel is a great fighter, he's one of the best. I was the better fighter tonight and I'm happy with the outcome. I prepared very well for this fight and I'm looking forward to new fights for the FFC where I'll, I'm sure, give everything I can," Hesdy Gerges added.

"We're starting to prepare for Sarajevo already next week. The event in Sarajevo is scheduled for September 6, and afterwards, in late September, we'll be arriving to Pula, on September 27. The Arena is the home of gladiators, and the fight in the Pula amphitheater will be a show that the whole world will be interested in!" Zovko announced the upcoming events after the summer break, noting that each following event will have a better fight card and new surprises in store.