Quarteron KO’es Poturak (VIDEO)

Regional newsHIGHLIGHTED 11.12.2015 13:59h Author:


Last night in Paris Dževad Poturak lost to Frenchman Patrice Quarteron. The French heavyweight won already in the first round in the crowded Carpentier Hall in front of the ecstatic crowd.

Right at the beginning of the match, Quarteron caught Poturak in Thai clinch and landed a couple of strong knees. He continued with vicious elbows that mainly landed at Poturak’s nape and he did not stop event when the ‘BH Machine’ ended on the floor. It was the end of the match and official knockout.

The arrogant Frenchman sat in the corner of the ring with his arms crossed waiting for the judge to count until the end. This is Dzevad’s third consecutive loss after Zamedov and Sinistra. Quarteron continued his winning streak that no one interrupted since 2009.