Sep makes his boxing pro debut with a 1st round KO win!

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Sep vs Petković

It took only 40 seconds for Hrvoje Sep to KO’s Serbia’s Milan Petrović and start his professional career with an impressive KO.

Sep entered the match very aggressively and decisively as always. Petrović was not able to follow his rhythm and found himself cornered very soon and he never tried to counter punch. Sep kept his opponent in the corner and found a window to throw a massive shot.

Petrović falls to his knees and despite the fact that it seems that he just needed a short break, the Serbian fighter signals that he cannot continue. Unfortunately, as a last-minute replacement, Petrović did not have enough time to properly prepare for the match and Sep would probably be happier with this win if he had a more resistant opponent.

However, the match ended in only 40 seconds and now Sep can prepare for another stepping stone in his pro career. And since this match ended this fast, he might get a new opportunity very soon.