Stipe Miočić: ’I’m going to be the champion and nothing is going to stop that from happening’

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Stipe Miočić

Stipe Miočić was not pleased he did not get the chance to become the UFC's heavyweight contender, but he does not despair. He is preparing for the match and says nothing will stop him from becoming the champion.

Though he hoped to get the opportunity to fight for the UFC's title or at least fight for the No 1 contender spot, he did not get a chance for either. Instead, he will fight in Dublin against Ben Rothwell in a co-headlining match of the Fight Pass event. Although it is not even sure the win would secure him a title shot, Stipe is still optimistic.
“I’m going to get there and nothing is going to stop that from happening. I wanted to get the title shot for my next fight but it looks like I’m going to have to win another fight before I get the opportunity to fight for the belt.

“If I have to take another step and beat another tough guy, then so be it. There is nothing that is going to stop me from getting that title, and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Ben Rothwell is not an easy opponent.

“Look at all the guys I’ve fought so far,” he said.

“Big and durable isn’t anything new to me. I know Ben is going to be hard to put away, but that’s a challenge I’m looking forward to. He’s a tough guy and I’m not looking past him one bit. The only thin on my mind is getting that ‘W’…Ben is a tough guy and a veteran but I’m going to win that fight no matter what.”

The event in Dublin is to take place October 24 and having in mind the big number of Croats living in Dublin, Stipe might get a big support.