Stošić: Cro Cop helped me a lot, now everyone can see I’m a class above Staring

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Staring vs. Stošić

At FFC 27 Night of Champions that took place this Saturday, Darko Stošić defended his belt for the first time and remained FFC heavyweight champion after his tough rematch with former champ Dion Staring.

FFC champion cemented his position at the Zagreb Arena winning via unanimous decision.

“I said in other statements that I beat myself. It is visible that I trained with Mirko Cro Cop and that Stipe Drviš was in my corner”.

On the match…

I did not lose my head while throwing punches. I had him in knockdown a couple of times. I was going in and I put the pressure on him. We did everything how we planned.

I took him down when I wanted to, I defended myself from his takedowns, I dominated in clinch, GNP, I dominated all three rounds. The win is clearly mine this time and no one can complain.

On Staring…

I like Dion. I don’t know why he did that thing on weigh-in, but I guess he wanted to put up a show and heat up the atmosphere. I think he only put the pressure on himself that way. I showed that I am a class above him now despite the fact that he fought in Strikeforce and that he fought top fighters, coming from the best gym in Holland and despite the fact that he trained with top fighters like Alistair Overeem.

First impressions…

I am proud of myself but I don’t want to fly too high. I’m always the same. I never had the feeling that I was a champion. I did this match imagining myself to be a contender and it paid off.

Improved conditioning…

I analyze every match, I look for my mistakes. I’m always my own biggest critic. Bad shape was always my problem and I always did my best to improve in that segment. I changed coach, I changed camps… But now I did it all right, I did the right camp. Mirko helped me a lot, he is not a legend for no reason. Training with him meant a lot to me. Now I can say I’m satisfied with myself. I will try to do even better.