Teo Mikelić: I was preparing for two months and it ended just like that

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Mikelić vs. Petje

Final Fight Championship 14 that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last Friday, also included a lightweight title fight in the kickboxing part of the event. Slovenian fighter Samo Petje defeated Teo Mikelić from Croatia in the first round and thus became the first FFC champion.

The title match was actually a rematch of the two best lightweight fighters in the region. In their first clash Mikelić won which made Petje extra motivated. However, Mikelić also wanted to confirm his position and prove that he is talented as they say. In the end Petje brutally knocked him out and Teo did not hide his disappointment.

“I am extremely disappointed. I’ve been preparing for that match for two months and then it ended just like that. I spent a minute in the ring and showed nothing. Everything was on his side and before the match I thought I would simply destroy him. At least it felt like it. I had superb preps, warm-up was great, I felt awesome. I was totally relaxed and when I was walking to the ring, it felt like I was going for a coffee. However, it started bad for me and when I thought it would get better, it was all over, “revealed Teo Mikelić.

Petje’s high-kick landed on the right spot. Mikelić wanted to land right hook on his opponent when he got surprised by Petje’s kick.

“It’s not that I did not defend my left side since he already threw that kick. It was inevitable, but he will not get such a shot in the next 100 matches,” said Teo remembering the moment when he was knocked out and when it all went black.

“The next thing I remember was the locker-room. I asked in which round he knocked me out. We were joking about it and the most important thing is that there are no serious consequences.”

However, the doctors suggested a longer break and recovery while Teo is not sure when he is to return to the ring.
“I have a match scheduled for 27 December in Japan, but if doctors say I have to postpone it, I’ll do it. I hope I will be ready for Japan, but if not, I’ll be ready by the beginning of the next year.”

Samo Petje became the first FFC champion and already stated he is ready for the rematch.

“I saw his statement and I hope we will fight again. I know I will need a couple of victories to get that chance. I first need to recover, get back to training and get back on the track.”