Teo Mikelić after his second win in two weeks: “I felt his powerlessness…”

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FFC 30: Mikelic vs Leitner

Last weekend Teo Mikelić scored new win at FFC 30 in Linz, not to mention that this was his second win in only two weeks.

Mikelić stepped up as a replacement to fight Austria’s Thomas Leitner. He has not fought in the FFC ring for two years.

‘FFC is always special to me and it was nice to be back. FFC is really a high level promotion. I had another match just a week before and I scored two wins in eight days. I’m so happy. Everything went according to plan and I managed to do well in both matches,’ said Mikelić.

In his FFC comeback match Mikelić dominated Thomas Leitner who fought on his own turn. It seemed like he could knock him out at some points, but match went the distance.

‘Honestly, I felt a bit tired mentally and physically, especially in the first round. I did not find my pace at the beginning and I had to battle both my opponent and myself in the first round. But after that, from the second round on, everything went according to plan and I managed to impose my pace with my boxing combinations. I felt his powerlessness and I enjoyed the match in the following rounds. If there had been another round, I would have knocked him out. He was completely exhausted and I just warmed up. But knockout is not something that just happens. You cannot chase it and rush it because you’ll pay for your mistakes. So I think I did well and I think my opponent stood no chance. But I tip my hat to him for his stamina. It’s obvious he’s been into this sport his whole life.’

This was Mikelić’s fifth FFC win and there is no doubt he will step into the FFC ring soon again.

‘I have some plans, but they’re not officially confirmed yet, so I don’t want to reveal anything yet. When it comes to FFC, I’ll gladly fight anyone they give me,’ concluded Mikelić.