Teo Mikelić returns after a two-year hiatus: ‘I’m coming to Linz to win!’

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Teo Mikelić

FFC 30 Linz will take place this Saturday, October 21, and it will bring fight fans two events in one night as well as an exciting boxing match as an interlude. One of the latest additions to the kickboxing card is Croatia’s Teo Mikelić who stepped in when Fabio di Marco cancelled his appearance citing injury.

Teo Mikelić (18-5-0, FFC 4-2) has not fought in the FFC ring for two years now. However, in that period of time Mikelić fought in a couple of bouts and won Kombat League title in lightweight division. This young Croatian fighter turned out to be very sought after in last couple of weeks having in mind the volume of his trainings and matches. Mikelić successfully did he last match last weekend when he impressed everybody by knocking his opponent out via high kick.

‘Last weekend I had that important match in Milan that went great. I sustained no injuries whatsoever. Now I can completely dedicate myself to FFC. I had a lot of matches recently, I cought the right pace and I enjoy it,’ said Mikelić.

Teo Mikelić will return to the arena where he fought his last FFC match and suffered a loss to future contender Tigran Movsisyan as well as a foot injury that set him back for some time.

‘Last time I fought at FFC was in Linz. It did not go well, but a lot of things changes and I can’t wait to show everybody I’m better now.’

Mikelić’s FFC score is 4-2 including a loss to Samo Petje at FFC 14 when they fought for the inaugural lightweight title.

‘Lightweight division is always stacked and there are lots of dangerous fighters in there. But I still think Petje deserves to be the champ. He is in great shape and he is doing great lately. Of course I want to fight for the title with him and my time will come.’

But before Mikelić gets a new chance to fight for the title, he will have to earn that shot. At FFC 30 his opponent will be Thomas Leitner (31-9-2, FFC 1-0) known for his exciting style. Leitner is new to the FFC but he already scored one TKO win in the FFC ring.

‘I don’t know much about my opponent. I checked his matches online and I will approach this fight very seriously as I always do. I’m in awesome shape and no matter how good my opponent way, I’m coming to Linz to win,’ explained Mikelić.

Fighting out of Croatia’s well known Trojan Gym, Teo Mikelić is progressing under the guidance of Croatia’s legendary fighter Zelg Galešić who has a couple of other fighters fighting under the FFC banner including upcoming prodigy and talent Andi Vrtačić.

‘Zelg is hardworking and he has some of the best fighters in the region in his gym. Vrtačić is a great guy with huge potential. He could go big. Not only him. There are a lot of awesome professional fighters that I love training with and with such great colleagues and coaches you just have to see the results,’ concluded Teo.

Final Fight Championship 30 will take place October 21 in Linz, Austria. FFC 30 tickets are available for purchase now: http://bit.do/FFC30_Tickets. Watch FFC live from TipsArena on Fight Channel World HD or www.fightchanneltv.com.