UFC vice president: ‘Zovko and Fight Channel Group did hell of a job, we are looking forward to future cooperation’

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Photo: Fight Site

UFC conquered Croatia, but they did not do that all by themselves. World’s biggest MMA promotion cooperated closely with its local partner, Orsat Zovko and his Fight Channel Group team, and they are extremely pleased with the cooperation achieved so far. UFC vice president James Elliot had only the best words about this Croatian company.

“We have a strong and talented team that organizes all the events and wherever we go we always collaborate with local partners who know the terrain and help us find our way to the local community. Orsat Zovko and Fight Channel Group are our good partners for a long time and they have made a hell of a job to help us to continue to build this sport. They do amazing job for the promotion of the UFC, but also local and regional MMA. We are delighted that we have Fight Channel Group for our partners. They’ve been a great help and we hope to do it all again,” said UFC vice president Elliot.