Vrtačić offers a rematch to Marjanović: “I will totally dominate if it comes to it”

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Marjanović vs. Vrtačić

Andi Vrtačić is the new FFC middleweight champion. The young fighter from Pula, Croatia, defeated Denis Marjanović and took the belt from the experienced fighter from Banja Luka.

This tight match that was featured in the kickboxing part of the FFC 28 event in Athens went to an extra round that ended in split decision in favor of Vrtačić.

„I won the belt and I’m really happy. I would like to thank my training partners and my coaches from Trojan Gym who helped me with the preps. I will take a short break and then I’ll go on with trainings and get ready for my first title defense,“ said Andi.

 Vrtačić offers Marjanović a rematch

“Denis never surprised me, but I think we could both do much better. But it is what is it, it’s all over now. I would like to offer him a rematch because I saw his team and him complained after the decision. I’m ready for the rematch and it’s up to him whether he would accept it or not. I hope the FFC will make it happen.“

On potential rematch

 „It was hard for me to analyze the match right after it happened. But when I got home I watched the match and I analyzed it. It was tight, but I was more active and I landed punches so I deserved to win. I believe that the fourth round was not necessary. I did not event fight at my 40%. I promise next time I’ll be better and that I will totally dominate if the rematch happens,“ concluded  Vrtačić.