Wilnis and Duut have huge respect for Brestovac and they are looking forward to fight in the Zagreb Arena

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Michael Duut

Shoulder to shoulder with Mirko Filipović this Saturday’s Glory 14 will see a couple of other excellent Croatian fighters such as Mladen Brestovac and Igor Jurković, young talents with great potential. Both fighters will fight against opponents coming from the Netherlands; Jahfarr Wilnis and Michael Duut.

Wilnis and Duut already had an opportunity to fight in Croatia and they loved the Croatian audience. However, this time they will probably not get such a big support since they are both fighting against Croatian fighters. When asked what he thinks about it, Duut answered: “It is always great to fight in front of the big audience. I’m not afraid the fact that they won’t be on my side. The audience likes the way I fight and they almost always support me. I believe that will be the case on Saturday too. Even if they will not support me during this match, I believe they will become my fans after it.”

Wilnis who will fight against Mladen Brestovac provided a similar answer. When asked what he knows about his opponent he said: “We are fighters. If we do not have respect for each other, that’s bad. I respect Mladen and I know he is a great fighter. I hope he also respects me. Of course, when we fight each of us believes he’s better, but outside the ring we all respect each other tremendously.”

Media representatives also asked Croatian fighters what they think about fighting on their home ground. Brestovac fought in Arena with Filipović at previous two events. Therefore he stated: “I’m glad I will fight at Glory in my hometown. But it would be weird for me if Mirko was not fighting there as well, because I’m used to fighting at the same events with him.” Jurković who fought at Cro Cop Final Fight said: “I am Mirko’s fan. I started to train because of him. The mere fact that we are to fight at the same event, that we are to share the locker room, and even the fact that we’re at the same press conference means very world to me. I’m extremely proud I got this opportunity.” 

All four fighters praised Glory’s organization and they invited the audience to come and enjoy the excellent fights at the Zagreb Arena.