Aldo: Dana promised me ‘title eliminator’ vs. Edgar after McGregor loss

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 14.01.2016 12:00h Author:


Jose Aldo claims that right after his loss to Conor McGregor, UFC president Dana White told him he’d fight Frankie Edgar next, since McGregor is about to drop to lightweight category.

It seems that the plans for Conor McGregor were defined even before his match with Aldo, as can be concluded from what Aldo said, that is, from what Dana White told him.

“Right after the fight, Dana walked in the locker room and told me my next fight would be a title eliminator against Frankie Edgar because Conor was moving up to lightweight as he was struggling to make weight. Of course I want a rematch with him, since there was no fight. None of us fought,  he just connected one good punch and that was it. Cool, congratulations, but that wasn’t what people expected. I live for tomorrow, though. If it’s a rematch or a title fight, it doesn’t matter, I know we will fight again and I know I will win. I know I’m capable. For my next step, I don’t see another fight and I also won’t accept a fight that isn’t for the title.”

This could mess White’s plans and Frankie Edgar will definitely not like it as well since he surely deserved a title shot. In fact, Conor McGregor made it all complicated when he decided to fight in the lightweight division. That put all the fighters on hold.