Alexander Gustafsson: ‘Jon Jones is the real UFC light heavyweight champion’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 13.12.2017 16:41h Author:

Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson holds a unique place in the 205-pound division as the only fighter to have competed against both Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. He took each man to the limit, nearly defeating them both but suffering decision losses that were controversial at the time, according to Bloodyelbow.

So which one does Gustafsson think is better? And who does he want to fight? He answered that on a recent edition of the MMA Hour (transcribed by MMA Mania):

“He has the belt, and I want to fight Cormier again for sure. I want the belt. But the real champion is Jon Jones, of course, because he has been destroying everybody in the division. Everything that he’s done, nobody has done it before. So to me he is the real champion, but I do accept DC (as) a champion too. He is a good guy, good fighter and the only guy he lost to is Jon Jones. He is the real deal and champion material.”

“I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t surprised. I feel sorry for him. What can I say? I just feel sorry for him. New things come up all the time and I am not surprised at all. I just feel sorry for him. It’s bad for him, it’s bad for the sport.

“Look, what he did to DC. He’s a beast and nobody has done what he’s done. He’s just getting caught over and over again. It must be something wrong there. You just don’t do that if you…he’s just making wrong decision all the time and I feel sorry for him, basically.”