Alistair Overeem in an aligator hunt! (FOTO)

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 23.10.2014 15:49h Author:

Alistair Overeem

Although it sounds tough, the popular fighter Alistair Overeem showed his softer side this time. He visited a zoo with his daughter and petted a baby alligator.

He published a photo on his Twitter account and wrote he finally learned the difference between crocodile and alligator. He explained crocodiles are bigger, more dangerous and more aggressive, while alligators do not mind being carried and petted. The photo sparkled super positive comments because the dangerous fighter once again showed how much he appreciates spending time with his eight year old daughter Storm.

The Dutch fighter is currently preparing for the match against Stefan Struve that is to take place December 13. Having in mind horrible results from his last match, we expect him to attack like a crocodile and not like an alligator.