Alvarez to Poirier: You ‘wanted out’

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Alvarez vs. Poirier

Published: 17.05.2017 • 10:12

Despite the fact that they hugged each other after the match at UFC 211, it seems they took the gloves off now. Eddie Alvarez cracked Poirier with a pair of illegal knees midway through the second round of a wild back-and-forth fight. Referee Herb Dean went on to controversially deem the bout to be a no contest. Afterward, both Poirier and Alvarez expressed a desire to run things back with a rematch.

Check out their exchange on Twitter.

„When you wanna do it @Ealvarezfight ????? I owe you some stitches“

Alvarez responded:

@DustinPoirier Next fight is You 100… don’t get too excited Your not the first guy to hurt me badly before I finished him ..knee or no knee U wanted out.“

And the Poirier replied again:

„Lol your silly. I’m gonna stop you next time.“

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