Amanda Nunes also plans a two-division title reign!

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Amanda Nunes UFC 200

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes also dreams of a two-division title reign in her future. The weight class in which she goes after a second belt, though, is entirely dependent on many circumstances.

Nunes will put her belt on the line for the second time against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 213 in July. After that match she said she could either move up to featherweight or drop to flyweight. But Nunes must first win her upcoming fight.

“After this fight everything can happen. I’ve cleaned out the (bantamweight) division already. I beat all the top (fighters) before I got the belt. Then when I got the belt, I beat the best one. After the next fight, for sure I’m going to try to do something else. Maybe go down, (maybe) go up.”

If “Cyborg” gets to the belt first, though, then Nunes said that would alter her plans and likely delay a move up in weight.

“I’m interested in fighting the girl holding the belt now, de Randamie, because I already beat her,” Nunes said. “If the UFC wants to give me the opportunity to go up now, yes, I would take it. But later is another thing. ‘Cyborg,’ I want to see ‘Cyborg’ with this belt. I’m not interested in fighting her. No, I’m not interested. I’m interested to fight the girl holding the belt now. After my next fight we’ll see what happens.

“I would have to do a lot of things to fight ‘Cyborg.’ ‘Cyborg’ is way heavier than me, way bigger than me. I’d have to change all my training style to fight ‘Cyborg.’ This is another thing I’d have to go over with my coaches. It’s not a thing I decide by myself. I have to decide with all those people like I always do in my career.”

“I want to see ‘Cyborg’ with that belt,” Nunes said. “Why would you step in the cage to be a champion, and then not come back to defend? What kind of champion is that? She has to come back. UFC has to make her come back. ‘Cyborg’ has been training so long waiting for this moment. Now (de Randamie) gets the belt and goes away? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’d love to fight Joanna,” Nunes said. “She’s not my teammate, she’s my gym mate. She doesn’t train with me. She has her own training, I have my own training; we train completely separate. If we see each other in the gym, we respect each other, but we’re not teammates.”