Anderson Silva calls out ‘afraid’ Michael Bisping for rematch

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 28.06.2016 11:57h Author:

Anderson Silva & Michael Bisping

Before stepping up to UFC 199 where he KO’ed Luke Rockhold and become the most wanted middleweight fighter, Michael Bisping fought the dethroned middleweight king, legendary Anderson Silva. The British fighter was nearly KO’ed but he won the match after five long rounds. However, Silva does not agree with the decision and he seeks a rematch with Bisping. He claims Bisping is afraid of him and he is even willing to fight him in his hometown on Manchester.

 „Well, I could give you million reasons to make the fight against Bisping happen, but the truth is that he is afraid. I’m not going to compare myself to others even mention someone else, but in my perspective I believe I have the right to a fight with him once again, because I have won London’s fight and a rematch was promised. However, as he was injured by me during the fight, he wouldn’t be prepared to fight too soon, then he was ready to replace someone, but not to face me in Brazil, right? You know I lived an unexpected situation having a surgery, but if it wasn’t happened I could fight in Brazil. So, I think it’s time to show that I’m serious, I’ve never asked for a rematch with no adversary, but I do want to have an opportunity of a fight with Bisping, I deserve that for everything I have achieve into the organization saving last time fights’ events even in upper categories, fighting injured, broke a leg. I have proved why I am the best in world in this sport and I humbly say that none of my adversaries who supposedly defeated me have achieved or will my actions into the organization. Undoubtedly, I believe this rematch will be the best step for UFC and Dana is aware of it, because numbers does tell and as we always have to stand by the group let it be from both sides. If I could help him to feel more confident and less afraid I would agree to fight him in his hometown, Manchester,“ wrote Silva.