Anderson Silva disappointed with Lyoto and Jacare!

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 23.01.2015 12:16h Author:

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is to return to the UFC's octagon in a week when he is to fight at UFC 183.

Former UFC middleweight champion recovered from a severe leg fracture which he suffered in the match with Chris Weidman and MMA fans eagerly awaited his return. However, the hot topic these days was the reason why he avoided matches with his fellow countrymen and gym colleagues Lyoto Machida and Jacare Souza who always stressed out they were professionals and that they would fight Silva had the UFC leaders asked for it.

"Jacare is my friend, Lyoto is my friend, but all the time the guys don't talk the same as me," Silva said. "When I go to talk to people in the media, I say, 'I'm not going to fight Lyoto because he's my friend. I'm not going to fight Jacare because he's my friend.' But when those guys go to talk to (the) media, Lyoto says, 'I'll go fight Anderson…' Jacare is the same, 'I'll go fight (Anderson) because I'm a fighter.'"

Silva did not hide it upsets him.

"Yeah, absolutely (it upsets me)," Silva said. "I go and train with guys, I go help you. I go help the guys. I put (my energy) into helping guys. When guys talk like this, I'm very, very, very disappointed…This is a sport, the guys stay in the UFC for fights, but I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys."