Anderson Silva sends an emotional message to Aldo

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Anderson Silva & Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo lost the featherweight title to Max Holloway at UFC 212. Silva, who has long regarded Aldo as one of the best fighters in the sport, sent out an emotional message to his friend on social media.

“My brother. You are much bigger than any battle, your story gives us the full assurance that you are a great hero, a great champion, I am and I will always be your fan, brother. What you have most precious goes far beyond. Of course we were all rooting for you and for your victory, but do not cover yourself or let anyone charge you brother, because you are fantastic in what you do and do with love and with your heart, do not forget who you are and how much You make a difference in this sport, you have changed the lives of many people, you are cause for victory and overcoming by the example that has become, always keep your head up God is always in control. You are a great champion, no one can take this story from you, no one; Battle is won and other losses, but never war. You are a giant, did not come to this world by chance you are Ze Aldo. Our Ze Aldo. Do not forget brother, GOD bless you always warrior. ‘That is what we are to the end of our days, and those like us my friend, very few.'”