Anderson Silva’s embarassing hearing

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Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva tested positive on PEDs ahead of his match with Nate Diaz this year and ended up with $380.000 fine and a one-year suspension.

The hearing took place last week and Silva’s lawyers did everything they could possibly do. They blamed supplements, potency pills, anxiety… All in all, if one asks them, Anderson Silva had nothing to hide. However, the NSAC members are not that naïve and nor are the American media who did not take well this attempt to blame everybody and everything else.

MMA analyst and UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten called Silva out on changing his story several times:
„It’s weird. He’s changed his story now three times. First, he said he didn’t do it. Second time, he said it was to recover from the injury,” Rutten said. “Then a different story at his hearing. It was embarrassing.”

"Some explanations were really sick. He changed the story in the middle of the hearing, and he had seven months to prepare for it. His defense tried to postpone the hearing. They had a variety of experts whose references Commission destroyed in 20 minutes. It was a really embarrassing hearing for a former champion. I think it would be better if he did not even show up, “ said HDNet’s Ron Kruk.

The members of the Commission also had negative comments. One of them was Pat Lundvall.

"We had falsified medical questionnaire that he filled out before the match. He acknowledged it during the trial."
"Several Silva's explanations were not satisfactory. The impression is that he got really lucky he did not get additional penalties because it would actually end his career," added Bob Bennett.