Badr Hari: Glory, next time don’t come with coins!

Author | 23 | 06 | 2014 15:43 | Category | UFC | HIGHLIGHTED

Badr Hari

Published: 23.06.2014 • 15:43

Badr Hari recently performed in one of the richest cities in the world. Combat sports fans could enjoy his match at GFC and it seems that the Moroccan heavyweight is soon to return to the UAE.

Last weekend Hari published on his Facebook profile that he will soon reveal the location of his next match. And, indeed, he now revealed more details about his following match and opponent.

"In Dubai October 2 I am to fight Dewey Cooper and I can say that I'll fucking knock him out," wrote Hari.

Cooper also performed at the GFC’s recent event in a match against Peter Aerts which ended as a draw.

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