"BH Machine" against Zamedov at Akhmat FS!

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Poturak vs. Zamedov

Recently we wrote about the big event in the Chechen capital Grozny headlined by Badr Hari and Ismael Londt. In addition to this great match Akhmat Fight Show will also feature another interesting bout – Dževad Poturak vs. Zabit Samedov.

After three consecutive wins, including two in the FFC, the "BH Machine" is preparing for a far more difficult test against one of the best kickboxers in the world. Samedov fought in Zagreb in the K-1 WGP semi-finals against Bard Hari and lost. Only a couple of months later at the Russian Legend he paid him back and KO'ed the Moroccan legend with his left hook. Samedov has not lost a match since his lost to Hari in Zagreb and scored 10 consecutive wins afterwards. His latest impressive match was the one against one of the world's best light heavyweight fighters Danyo Ilunga. His current professional score is 74 wins and only 9 losses.

On the other hand, Poturak has a score of 52 wins and 23 losses. In a brief interview with Fight Site he said he will add a new win to his score.

“I will feast two more days because of Ramadan, but then I'm fully going to dedicate myself to the preps. My wish is to defeat Zabit Samedov and do even tougher matches after that“, said Poturak.

“Zabit is a very good and experienced fighter. I trained with him in 2007 in Minsk and I know him very well.”
"BH Machine" is pleased with the course of his career in the last couple of years.

“I scored three consecutive wins and have this good feeling when I'm in the ring. Just like I had before. I'm ready for the world's best fighters.”

He is not afraid of the fact that Samedov KO'ed Badr Hari.

“He might have defeated Badr Hari, but I will beat him. We will see“, concluded Poturak.

Akhmat Fight Show is to take place August 22.