Big Foot, Big Country, Big Friends! (VIDEO)

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Two UFC heavyweights, Roy "Big Country" Nelson and Antonio "Big Foot" Silva joined forces in order to get prepared for their upcoming matches. Nelson is to fight Alistair Overeem in March while „Big Foot“ is to test his skills with Frank Mir next weekend at UFC Fight Night’s main event.

„Roy came to me and to my American Top Team. I am very happy he is here. I am his big fan because he is an unbelievably tough fighter. Everybody's punching him, he is putting up with it, throws one punch and knocks them out“, said Silva.

Another motive is definitely Big Foot's hate for Overeem who knocked him out more than a year ago.
"I want to help him because I hate Overeem", said the former contender.

However, the training sessions will also be useful for him since „Big Country“ did a match against former champion Frank Mir in 2011. He was defeated, but claims he learned a lot from it.

Find out more about this new big friendship in the following video.