"Big Foot": ’I never hid the fact that I am a big fan of your legendary fighter’

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Emelianenko after match with Big Foot

Antonio "Big Foot" Silva wants to give Fedor a chance to avenge perhaps the worst defeat of his career. Of course, if the famous Russian decides to sign a contract with the UFC. He is just one of many UFC fighters who wished Emelianenko welcome to the elite.

Despite the fact that he was very much underestimated, the Brazilian shocked the world in 2011 when he beat “the Last Emperor” in the Strikeforce GP finals. Many believed his career would skyrocket after that, but it never went too well for him.

Since joining the UFC, "Big Foot" scored only two wins, four defeats and one draw match against Mark Hunt. The bad news for him is the fact that he did not win four matches in a row which usually means the loss of the contract. However, Dana White gave him another chance at UFC 190 where he is to fight Soa Palelei, but his real redemption would be a win over Fedor.

“This is great news,” Silva told Sportbox.ru. “I never hid the fact that I am a big fan of your legendary fighter. Fedor is certainly a great athlete and a person worthy of respect. His return is a great moment, as he is a real legend… “If Fedor would sign a contract with the UFC, I do not see any problems [with a rematch].”

But before that he must score a victory at UFC 190 or he might get fired from the UFC otherwise.