Bisping: ’My 14-year-old son could have beaten Belfort up’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 28.05.2015 16:14h Author:

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping was one of the happiest UFC fighters after the match between Weidman and Belfort and he did not hide the fact that he enjoyed Weidmans victory.

Michael Bisping was defeated by Belfort in 2013 when the Brazilian fighter KO'ed Bisping while he was on testosterone therapy.

“I looked at (Belfort), and he looks like half the man he used to be, quite literally,” Bisping (26-7 MMA, 16-7 UFC) told MMAjunkie. “His legs look like two little chicken legs dangling out of a female’s body, and he looked like, to be honest, my 14-year-old son could have beaten him up.”

“Chris Weidman made him look like the coward he is.”

“Of course, I would like to avenge the loss on my record, but I’m not sure avenge is the correct word,” Bisping said when asked about a rematch with Belfort. “I mean, he was on TRT, so it was kind of an unfair advantage.“
“I want to kick him in the head and punch him in the face, it’s as simple as that. Whatever way around will get it done is fine by me. But I’m focused on the title. Fighting Vitor isn’t something that’s going to help achieve that, but I would love to punch that guy in the face.”

Bisping is going to be headliner against Thales Leites (25-4 MMA, 10-3 UFC) at UFC Fight Night 72, July 18.