Bisping thinks Weidman isn’t ‘technically that good on the feet’

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In the co-main event of the spectacular UFC 194 we are to witness one of the best middleweight matches ever! The undefeated champ Chris Weidman will face the former Strikeforce Champion Luke Rockhold. Michael Bisping told Submission Radio what he thinks the outcome would be like.

Bisping is an experienced UFC fighter and one of the best strikers in the middleweight division. He fought Rockhold last year and suffered his first submission defeat. No wonder that “The Count” believes that Rockhold will be the winner and become the new champion.

“I think for that one I’ve gotta go with Rockhold, to be honest. I mean, Weidman’s a great champion, he’s a fantastic fighter, he’s very, very tough. All that good stuff. He’s a great wrestler, great grappler, and he’s actually a good puncher. I just don’t think technically he’s that good on the feet. What gets him through is his strength, his size, his wrestling ability, and his chin. He’s got a fantastic chin. But I just think against Luke Rockhold, Rockhold’s a guy that trains daily with Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier so I think he’s gonna be prepared for the wrestling side of things. On the feet, Luke has the height, he has the reach, he has the range, he has speed, he has the diversity in the striking. So all those things together. And certainly on the floor as well, Luke’s very good on the floor. So he can match him on the floor as well. So I think when you put it like that, and Luke’s confidence and arrogance if you will, it’s a tough fight for Weidman. But again, I always pick Weidman to lose and he’s proved me wrong every time. So you’ve got to admire that. He’s more than capable of proving me wrong this time, but if I had to put money on somebody, I think my money would go on Rockhold,” said Bisping.