Bojan Miočić: “Stipe is not Croatian-American, he is Croat!”

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Stipe Miocic

„For the first time in my life I will not be home watching my son’s fight. I will watch it in a restaurant with lads from ‘Always Faithful Linz’ association organized by Fabijan who does great job organizing stuff like that,“ said Bojan Miočić to Večernji List daily ahead of Stipe’s title defense at UFC 211 in Dallas.

Stipe’s father has been living in Linz, Austria, for many years now but he also spends a lot of time in Croatia. He talks to his son on the phone often and he saw him fight last time live in Nottingham against Stefan Struve. And that did not go well.

“I don’t like to disturb him during his preparations because I don’t want him to have to deal with me as a parent and with relatives. I want him to be concentrated on the fight. Moreover, last fight I saw him live was in September 2012 in England against Struve and he lost very badly. But maybe that was good for him because he learned a lot from it.“

Bojan Miočić believes Stipe and JDS are both equally good in stand-up, but he also believes Stipe is a better wrestler.

“When it comes to boxing, they are equal. But Stipe’s advantage is wrestling. He also has some training in BJJ so I think his ground game is better. He has this tough Dalmatian-Lika chin. I used to fight a lot when I was younger and I would get beaten up but I was never KO’ed.”

His mom Kathy and father Bojan made sure to raise Stipe being aware of his roots.

“We never let our kids forget their roots. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Croats in the US who forget that. But for me Stipe is not Croatian-American. He is Croat because his mom and dad are too,“ concluded Bojan Miočić.