Brian Ortega not getting UFC 226 pay

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 20.07.2018 10:58h Author:

Brian Ortega (Instagram)

Brian Ortega revealed that he had not been paid for his pre-fight efforts and obligations for UFC 226 in which he was to be a co-headliner with Max Holloway who was forced to pull out.

During his appearance on Brendan Schaub’s Below the Belt podcast on Showtime, Ortega spoke about his conversation with UFC president Dana White.

“I told him ‘Listen, I showed up, I’ve been cutting weight, I did all media, even the media in Spanish that you guys – I had to do double the work and do all that in Spanish,” Ortega said. “Every fighter left, and I’m still stuck there doing everything in Spanish.”

“I’ve been showing I’m a company man, I’m down to promote the hell out of this fight, I’m taking extra hours while I’m hungry, starving to keep doing media. And I’ve been cutting weight, did the open workouts, ready for media. I showed up. Don’t you think that’s worth something? That’s worth something, even if I didn’t take the fight. I go ‘I did my end of the deal.’”

UFC decided to have top contender Jeremy Stephens step in as Max Holloway’s replacement, which Ortega turned down.

“Then he came back and said ‘Well, our deal was to see if we can find you a fight, and we found you a fight, and you turned it down.’” I was like ‘Unless it’s for a title, I’m not going for it.’ He goes ‘Well, I did my job, you didn’t do yours. Your job is to show up and fight.’”