Cecilia Braekhus says Holly Holm does not have KO power in her punches predicts Cris Cyborg Win

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 22.12.2017 11:47h Author:

Cecilia Braekhus

#1 Pound for Pound female boxer in the world according to Ringside Magazine, Cecilia Braekhus says that Holly Holm does not have one punch KO boxing by judging her boxing career.

“When we started to workout I was a little bit surprised by how fast she is, that took me quite by surprise,” Braekhus said. “I know that is an advantage for Holly Holm but this could be [looking for translation] could actually be a little bit more even, and I think Holly Holm will get a surprise there.”

Cecilia Braekhus was scheduled to fight Holly Holm previously in Boxing before Holm retired from professional boxing to focus exclusively on MMA.