Chael Sonnen posts Mendes’ number publicly on Facebook

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Chad Mendes recently found out the hard way what happens when you make Chael Sonnen angry. According to  Sonnen, Mendes has been avoiding his calls and so he decided to post his number publicly on his Facebook page.

"Chad's avoiding me. Perhaps you guys can relay a message: a) call Chael b) Never piss of a gangster. Chads cell…"

Since departing from the UFC and being axed as a FOX Sports analyst due to a string of failed drug tests, Sonnen has gone on to launch a successful podcast „You're Welcome“ and serves as an MMA correspondent for ESPN.

Among many Facebook comments, Sonnen's friends said they sent text messages to the famous fighter. It is not known whether Mendes changes his number but you can check it out yourself. You have the number.