Chael Sonnen: Ronda Rousey is “not a fighter”

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 14.06.2017 11:06h Author:

Chael Sonnen

In 2015 the seemingly unbeatable UFC bantam champ Ronda Rousey was knocked out by a second-round head kick in a match with Holly Holm. The once dominant fighter disappeared from the MMA limelight for well over a year. Rousey did come back to the cage, where she attempted to reclaim the women’s bantamweight crown from new champion Amanda Nunes. This comeback fight went even worse than her bout with Holm, as she was knocked out by Nunes in less than a minute.

Chael Sonnen claims Rousey responded so poorly to her losses because she is not a real fighter.

“Somewhere along the line the word ‘fighter’ became corrupted in my lifetime. It used to be about who could get up and move forward when the chips were down. Who could get up and move forward when it was the toughest thing to do. That’s what a fighter was, but now I have no idea what the kids of today would define a fighter as.“
“I read some stuff that Ronda [Rousey] put out – and I’m a personal fan of hers – but I was stunned at some of the stuff I read. It had me sitting there saying, ‘Ronda, you’re not a fighter. You understand one thing and that’s aggression. When someone is standing there who sucks, you understand how to attack that person. That is called aggression.’
“Fighting is when it’s hard,” Sonnen continued. “Fighting is when that person is coming back at you with equal or greater resistance. That’s what a fighter is, and when it doesn’t go your way and you want to stay in bed in the morning, when that alarm goes off you get your ass up, put your boots on and you go face the world. That’s what a fighter does.”