Check out UFC 182 open training! (VIDEO)

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 02.01.2015 10:56h Author:

Daniel Cormier

On New Year's Eve, UFC 182 fighters held an open training at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Check out what it looked like, what fighters participated and what they had to say on that occasion.

Open training is always a good opportunity for the fans to see some of the UFC fighters’ skills. However, the fighters also like those occasions on which they can present themselves to their fans in a completely different way. Such training was also held at New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas while the most attention was focused on Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, Donald Cerrone and Myler Jury.

All four briefly spoke about the opportunity waiting for them this weekend. Cerrone also gave an interesting answer to the question whether he plans to party. Check out the official UFC 182 video!