Chris Weidman almost soiled himself during Belfort title fight

Author | 27 | 05 | 2015 16:35 | Category | UFC | HIGHLIGHTED

Chris Weidman

Published: 27.05.2015 • 16:35

Chris Weidman defended the UFC middleweight champion title against Vitor Belfort, but Belfort was not the only problem he had in the Octagon.

After the match Weidman said he had to go to the bathroom really bad and that he thought he would be the first person to run from a fight to go to the toilet or that would have to hold the fight for him.

"I'll be honest. It was my first time ever that I had to go to the bathroom bad. I could not believe this was going to happen. I'm going to crap myself in the middle of this cage. I didn't know, as soon as Vitor's walkout music came on, was concentrating, all I could think about was that I didn't know if I should run into the bathroom now or hold it. I didn't know what was going to happen. That's really what was going through my mind the whole time walking out. I thought I would be the first person that had to run from a fight to go to the bathroom, or they'd have to hold the fight for me. But, I didn't want to tell anybody because when you say it out loud it makes things worse. So, when we were getting ready to do the walkout, I gave Ray my flag, usually I hold it, but I gave it to him so I could focus on not crapping myself pretty much. So yeah, you were right, there was definitely something not normal," said Weidman.

The match ended during the first round but had the champ lost and blamed it on the fact that he had to go to the bathroom it would probably be the crappiest excuse ever.

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