Chris Weidman on Floyd Mayweather tried to steal his teammate’s girlfriend

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Aljamain Sterling & his girlfriend

Already for a while there have been debates on the winner of the MMA match between Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey. The famous boxer does not even want to think of the possibility that a woman could beat him, whether she is the most successful athlete of our time or not.

And what chances would he have against undefeated UFC bantamweight fighter Aljamain Sterling? We almost found out, claims the UFC champion Chris Weidman.

Wediman was with Mayweather who bragged with his wealth and fame. The only thing that interrupted him was a beautiful girl who turned out to be taken. It was Aljmain Sterling's girlfirend.

However, Weidman claims Mayweather did not care too mouch about it. As soon as he sa her, he sent his security to fetch her.

"I'm like, 'what the hell is he doing?' I look up and it's like a silhouette of this angel. You can see the hair, and she's like sparkling in the sun. It ends up being that he was staring at Aljamain's girlfriend," he continues. "He then gets his security guards to go and get (her)."

"I'm like 'is he really doing that in front of me? Is he really trying to get guys to get my boy's girlfriend?'"

"But basically Aljamain stood up for himself. He said 'I'm 11-0 in MMA, and you're only… 48-0 in boxing. And MMA is better than boxing so I can beat you up, so don't you dare take my girlfriend!'"

"And Mayweather was like, 'this dude is for real', so Mayweather just backed down. He was just too tough."

"But I tell you, the eye that his girlfriend was giving Mayweather, they were like meant to be. She was in love, but thank God, Aljamain stepped up!"

Whether Weidman was joking or not, judge for yourselves.