Claudia Gadelha on Jessica Andrade: ‘I was very surprised with her strength’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 04.06.2018 13:49h Author:

Claudia Gadelha (Photo: Facebook)

Jessica Andrade claims she is strong because she spent her childhood helping tend to her family’s small farm in Brazil.

Claudia Gadelha once fought her and she definitely confirmed that statement.

“I was very surprised with her strength,” Gadelha told media during a recent media day in Las Vegas. “I compare her to a (125-pound) guy when it comes to strength and power. And I never felt that before, so I was very surprised. I think that I am way better than her, technically, but she’s just so much stronger, and that’s what made her win the fight.”

“I want it again, and I’m sure one of the things I’m not going to do again is exchange power with her, because she’s so much powerful,” Gadelha said, before adding with a laugh, “She can go fight in the 125-male division, though.”

Speaking of rematches, Andrade, unsurprisingly, isn’t the only one Gadelha would like to settle the score with.

“My thing with Joanna is personal,” Gadelha said. “We hate each other. Even now, she’s not the champion, but I still want to fight her again. I want to punch her. I want to beat her ass. I just want it, because I don’t like her.”

“I think the loss kind of got her,” Gadelha said. “Because part of her game is breaking girls’ heads and breaking people down. Now, Rose did the same thing with her, and I think she’s kind of frustrated with that. …

“We spent a lot of time together at ‘The Ultimate Fighter 23,’ and I don’t know; there’s something about the way she looks, the way she acts. I see the changes in her personality.”

“She’s always been kind of a big trash-talker,” Esparza said at the time. “We’ve had a little Twitter war, which came from nothing, back in the day.

“Even recently, she’s talked crap about me on her Instagram, calling me names. Even last year, out of nowhere talking crap about me, and right now, I think she called me a ‘dumbass’ and a ‘little girl.’”

“I really broke my nose 10 days before the fight, and the second time, I really got sick,” Gadelha said. “And she was talking a lot of (expletive) about all that. She said I was running from her. I’m not running from her. I got sick and I broke my nose. I just didn’t like with the way she dealt when all that happened to me.”

“I’m very excited about this,” Gadelha said. “I’ve been very careful with the way I’m training now because I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want nothing to happen to my body now, and I’m ready to go this time.”