Colby Covington to White: ‘Don’t worry boss, I know some serious dirt on Tyron Woodley that would ruin his life’

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Colby Covington (Photo: FaceboColby Covington (Photo: Facebook)

Despite being a former teammate and sparring partner, ATT’s Colby Covington sees UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley as ‘public enemy number one’.

Covington, 29, has accused Woodley of being mentally weak and, yesterday, after Covington got news of Woodley demanding an apology from Dana White, the top ten welterweight fired back on Twitter.

Covington says he has dirt on the current champ that could ‘ruin his life’.

„Don’t worry boss @danawhite I know some serious dirt on @TWooodley that would ruin his life. #fake,“ Covington wrote on his Twitter profile.