Conan Silveira: ‘Nunes vs. Cris Cyborg is 1,000 percent going to happen’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 09.01.2018 12:02h Author:

Cris Cyborg & Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes’ longtime coach Conan Silveira claims that the matchup between the UFC women’s bantamweight champ and featherweight champ Cris Cyborg is definitely to happen.

“People want to see it,” American Top Team head coach Conan Silveira told MMAjunkie. “I think they have the best opportunity to leave their marks on history.”

“I believe for the weight division, Amanda is going to be extremely well-prepared,” he said. “She’s not going to have to make the weight. She’s probably going to be strong in that division. I do believe the compensation (for) the strength that comes from Cyborg definitely will be the tools that Amanda has on her side.

“I think it’s the perfect fight. It’s a perfect match. It’s a champions fight – it’s something we don’t see happen often.”

The timeline and location of the bout also doesn’t matter to Silveira. It could take place in the fighters’ home country of Brazil, or in Las Vegas. The most important thing is that it happens. On that, he’s certain it eventually will.

“I think it’s not 100 percent, but 1,000 percent going to happen,” Silveira said. “I think it’s something everybody wants to see, even the ones that think they’re going to lose something. I just think it’s a champions fight. I think they need to have that fight. It’s a big push for MMA in general, females and males. People want to see it. I think they have the best opportunity to leave their marks on history.

“I believe that when you fight and you get to be a contender, it’s really hard. When you win and you become a champion, it’s even harder than that. But when you have a chance to leave your name in history, I think you have to do it. It’s something that’s good for everybody. If Cyborg was an American Top Team fighter, yeah, it really doesn’t make any sense. But still, I think the chance of what’s going to come from the fight is something only a few people have to do in life.”