Conor McGregor: ‘I would like to come in and spearhead many more divisions in the game’

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Conor McGregor

Many fighters have been calling for more weight classes. However, in his recent interview with The MacLife, Conor McGregor also admitted that he would love to have new divisions added.

“If there’s two things that will keep me away from this game, it’s the intense media obligations and the weight cuts,” McGregor said. “Right now, they always seem to come together at the same damn time.”

“There’s a lot of work involved in the media and a lot of different type of energy, and of course, factor that in when you’re cutting weight. It’s not enjoyable at all. The weight cuts are ruthless. I’ve gone through every single one of them throughout the years.”

“This is the game we’re in,” he continued. “It’s a horrible, horrible part of the business, and if I could come in and help a situation like that, I believe I would like to come in and spearhead many more divisions in the game. So we can figure this whole situation out.”

“There should be many more weights to choose from,” McGregor said. “155 to 170, it’s a 15-pound gap.”

“There’s definitely space for more divisions, and something needs to be done. Where we can keep an eye on the way people are cutting weight, and manage it. And make the sport more enjoyable for the athletes that are actually competing.”

“You’ll get better fights for it,” he added. “You’ll get fighters that are able to do extraordinary things when they are going in full of energy and correctly prepared. Rather than killing themselves. So if I could do something, that would be something I would be interested in doing.”