Cormier goes mad, calles Jones ‘loser junkie’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 05.04.2016 17:01h Author:


UFC fighter Daniel Cormier apparently did not appreciate that Jon Jones called him a coward when he appeared on The MMA Hour on Monday.

He turned to Twitter and wrote a series of messages to his now former opponent.

‘Jon Jones I have never been afraid of you or anyone in my entire life. You calling me coward is insane. Your day will come bitch.’

‘Remember jones I didn’t call u coward when u moved our 1st fight due to injury hypocrite. That’s biggest word I’ll use when talking to u.’

‘Jones you can’t hurt me, u lunch like a bitch. Ur not winning decision next time. Just don’t get ur dumb ass arrested again. Loser junkie.’

‘O my god jones is cool he took late notice fight, yea I’d fight osp too. I’d do it on 1 day notice. Harder fight you’d tuck ur tail again.’