Dana White: Luke Rockhold ‘probably’ next for UFC middleweight title

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 04.05.2015 13:17h Author:

Luke Rockhold

By defeating Lyoto Machida, Luke Rockhold might become the first middleweight contender, while the UFC President Dana White now confirmed that possibility.

At this point Luke Rockhold has four consecutive wins and after his last match he stated he expected to become the first contender. Some believed this should be decided upon after his match with Jacare Souza, while Dana White now had something to say himself.

"Even talking about it doesn’t make sense because, first of all, Chris still has to fight Vitor, and whoever wins has to come out uninjured, which hasn’t been easy to do lately, and then we have to make sure Luke stays healthy," he said. "We’ll see what happens with Weidman and Vitor and we will go from there," said Dana White.

Middleweight champion Chris Weidman is set to defend the title against Belfort in the co-main event of UFC 187 in Las Vegas on May 23.