Dana White on Mayweather vs. McGregor: ‘I never thought it was going to happen’

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Dana White

Having in mind all the big matches McGregor had in the last year, some got forgotten. However, once upon a time, all the big headlines were full of calculations on his match with Floyd Mayweather.

Dana White stressed already a couple of time that the boxing legend will have to negotiate with him in case his wants a match with McGregor but now he admits he never thought it was going to happen anyway. You can watch the full video at the bottom, or you can alternatively read the transcript of the conversation.

TMZ: “They’ve been talking a lot about this McGregor/Mayweather thing. Do you still think it’s going to happen?”

White: “No. I never thought it was going to happen.”

TMZ: “You never thought it was going to happen?”

White: “No. Two totally different sports!”

TMZ: “Because McGregor and Mayweather seem to want to make it happen, badly.”

White: “They seem to want the money, probably! But I don’t know how bad they actually want to make that a reality. Listen, Conor’s under contract with me. We can start with kicks, punches, and elbows.”

TMZ: “So if there is going to be a fight, Mayweather’s got to up his MMA game? He’s gotta learn kicks, punches…”

White: “That’s right. Kicks, punches, and elbows. He doesn’t have to learn to do anything, but he’s going to get kicked and elbowed.”